About Us

image1.png When we opened our doors in 2013, they were garage doors. Furniture Garage began with humble roots in a garage offering quality furniture and appliances at affordable prices. We offered furniture, appliances, antiques and second-hand miscellaneous items, everything from artwork to lawn mowers, sometimes even used cars! We offered credit to customers that otherwise would not have been able to purchase furniture.

Our owner, Joseph DeBons, became known for letting customers make payments of whatever they could afford, $25.00 even $10.00 or $5.00 at a time. Our advertising consisted of "word of mouth" and once a week we would travel to flea markets, grocery stores, anywhere with a bulletin board to hang fliers showing what we had in stock. We regularly posted sale items on social media and we still do that today. Everyone fought for that job each week!

In time, as the customer base and inventory grew, we saw the need for more space. In November of 2015, we moved to a 4000 square foot space in Westgate Mall, but we still maintain the garage for storage and assembly. The expansion gave us the showroom we needed to start featuring more new furniture to many more customers. We travel and serve the entire Texas panhandle, and even deliver to Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico. One of our favorite places to deliver is Oklahoma City, where many panhandle residents had to travel in the past just to find quality affordable furniture. Not anymore... Oklahoma City residents now shop in Amarillo at Furniture Garage!

We are committed to being your solution for affordable furniture. And we try to have fun doing it! Our staff would be delighted to meet you and assist you in your shopping experience. You will see our favorite hashtag throughout the store #FunWithFurniture - it's what we are all about!

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our history and if you can make it into Westgate Mall, our team would love to meet you!